This project took place before my design team switched to platform-specific agile teams, and I began to see how consistency across platforms can be an issue if the teams are not fully synchronized. Cross platform initiatives like this allow the team to first focus on defining the "philosophy of how we do things" before customizing the experience to fit different limitations and personalities of each plateform.



This is one of the earlier user flow I did and I considered it a significant milestone project for me as an UX designer. I was having trouble with the impressive but complicated initial user flow. That night, I had a dream where I was able to see patterns, freely breaking and reconnecting pieces to make a flow that serves its core purpose. Ever since then it was as if I had broken through a barrier and I was able to make further development of my UX understanding and skills.


A significant amount of effort was put into suggestions on filters and sort by options for each specific business types and products. It's a great opportunity for me to experience developing the design for a feature from start to finish, business to design, high level down to the little little things.

Filter FlowFilter Flow
Filter OptionsFilter Options


Another function needed is the ability for the user to edit favorited/followed lists. Based on the experience and tech concerns, the solution we came up with takes the "quick and dirty" approach with a full screen take-over, "x-out" and undo buttons.

Edit FLowEdit FLow


We identified several empty states for this project, and decided to spice up the UI by adding in more elaborated graphics instead of simplier icons or just text. Then we started building a set for all empty and error states. These icons were all in their "oops" states and were intended to be animated.