It's a pleasure to work with clients that appreciate creativity so much that they give a lot of creative freedom as well as pushing us to create assets that live up to their reputation.  Let's be honest, it's intimidating when your client are known world-wide for making pretty things.



My favorite part of the project is the concept of having the interaction represents the environment of the ocean and aquarium so the characters are introduced in the setting as in the movie. The way the hero banners were introduced illustrated this concept really well: depending on the nature environment of the characters in the hero area, the ocean water behind would adjust its height as the banners rotate.



The concept of switching between the ocean and the aquarium not only puts characters in the right setting, but also follows the plot line as 2 parreoll stories developed separately for most of the movie.

Meet the CharactersMeet the Characters


Another nice thing about this project is the room for playfulness as it's for the entertainment industry, from error states to related digital products. This also required quite a lot of knowledge of the subject the design is for.



The most challenging thing about this project is to create scenes out of my imagination. For example, there weren't screenshots that show the entire fish tank, so we had to create our own tank by piecing individual assets togehter. There were also many digital products such as wallpapers that needed costumed settings for different characters. A simple view of the first coral reef image above was put together with almost 20 pictures!

Digital ProductsDigital Products

The interface part of this project was almost an art project on it's own, but guess what, it's well worth it. The scenes came out beautiful and my photoshop skill reached the peak of my career. Thank you, Nemo, you've got a friend in me. 😉